flag for industries pageFeeding the world’s ever-growing population makes agriculture i.e. (rice, corn, and sugar) the essential life sources to the survival of the world’s population. Ashanti Produce Enterprises Inc. (A.P.I.), your export partner, knows all too well the demand for these products globally. We at Ashanti Produce International Inc. are committed to meet this high growing demand by providing the finest quality of agriculture products from the top manufactures in the United States; as well as international markets. Once our international clients place their orders with our excellent customer service team i.e.(which product(s) needed, and the quantity), then the exciting export process begins!

The “Ashanti” was created in Ghana as a high quality pineapple with a unique and patentable “chemical profile”. The “Ashanti” was designed as a next-generation taste solution to pineapples in other countries that are currently being produced. It is API’s intent to maintain the “Ashanti” as an efficiently produced, high quality agricultural product of Ghana.

The following describes the Ashanti’s unique qualities:

  1. Sweetness
  2. Taste
  3. Juiciness
  4. Patentable Genetic Profile

Here are some pictures from a recent shipment of the Ashanti pineapple into the United States.

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