About Us

Ashanti Produce International (API) was founded in 1995 in Illinois, and then moved and re-incorporated in Newark, Delaware in 2006. API is operating from regional offices in Pennsylvania and Colorado. API maintains a good standing with both Colorado and Delaware. API‘s mission is to establish a legitimate import/export agency specializing in agricultural goods and other products produced in the country of Ghana. Further, in concert with Ghana governmental officials, API has helped develop cost-effective products and import solutions for distribution to a targeted consumer base in the United States and other surrounding West African countries. API‘s direct customers are primarily American distributors and retailers who provide high quality produce to the American consumer market.

Over the last several years, Ashanti Produce International was successful in developing invaluable relationships with a number of Ghanaian leaders and other Ghana governmental/agricultural officials. API is now ready to take advantage of those relationships by enhancing and marketing a number of Ghanaian agricultural products beginning with pineapples.

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